Quarter "Forest District" was built from the investment companies "Sawyers Golfing” Ltd. Varna and the" MK Fish Fish” Ltd. Varna.

Quarter "Forest District" consists of 97 buildings - 15 single houses (separate house), 18 doubles and 64 town houses houses (houses that were built in the same row). The land on which the quarter is build is with total area of 19,027 square meters. This plot of land is separated from the general area of the complex and together with the house you are buying and part of the land. In addition to the residential buildings within the district is a pool with a large area for sun loungers.

All the houses are completely finished; we have obtained the final building permission to use buildings. Inside the houses are with fully finished interior, in each room there is air-conditioning, bathrooms are fully equipped with everything necessary. Every house in the neighborhood has its own garden area which is fenced and planted with live grass and flowers. Maintenance of the common parts of the quarter (roads, street lighting, water and sanitation, swimming pool, green areas, security, internet, cable TV) carrying out a company that owns the resort. Every homeowner must sign a contract with this company. Maintenance cost is 9 Euros per sq.m.  for the total area of the housing per year without VAT. Besides the management company, at request of the owner, provides a service for renting your house